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Argh! Why don't people think ahead when choosing baby names?!?

How many times have you read on here something along the lines of:

"I really want to call my baby son Tommie-Boo Junior because its SOO cute blah blah"

Do these people not realise that babies grow up to be middle aged businessmen or lawyers/judges/doctors etc who will *not* appreciate a name which sounds like something a fluffy pet should have!

Fergawdsake give a child a name which will serve them well throughout their life! Shorten it to a cutesy "ee" version or nickname if you must when they are little but at least allow them to have some sort of dignity when they are older!

Argh! Why don't people think ahead when choosing baby names?!?
I absolutely agree...

Wouldn't it be great if you had to take some sort of test before you became a parent...

Question #1 ; What are you planning to call your child?

Question #2 ; Is it a) ok b) not ok to leave your child in a foreign country by themselves

etc, etc

The minute they answered " Waylee - its a cross between oour names Wayne and Kylie" you could just say - not granted - parent classes for you before you are allowed to play duvet tennis
Reply:hehehehe....its none of your business :)
Reply:because its an important choice parents have to make for their new baby. usually they are picked out, then the baby comes and mom says no! it has to be renee or something. the real name comes when the baby does. but i have fun picking names anyways.
Reply:You are so right
Reply:Celebrities are the worst influeneces.Apple.Blanket.

Crazy,crazy people

but yeah,i agree
Reply:you're so right
Reply:hehe your right!
Reply:Soooo right!

If parents MUST give their child an idiotic or common name at least be kind enough just to use it as a middle name and then the kid can drop it later if he or she likes!
Reply:Good point.

Do you feel better you have got that off your chest.
Reply:i agree there are far too many lee lees katy jays and loulous in my family already enough is enough bring back proper names
Reply:Totally agree - and people also need to think about how the first name fits in with their surname. There was a newsagents near to where I lived and the owner had his name up in big letters at the front - IVOR COX. My friend also worked in the Social Services and had two clients - a Mr Pipe who had a son called Dwayne and a Mr Organ - first name Warren - and I really haven't made that up!
Reply:You are absolutely right.
Reply:I agree with but some people don't want to know what they are having so they can't really pick a name before the baby is born. and some people need to see the child first before they can even name them. and then you have the parents who can't agree on the same name. so there are a lot of different reasons they don't do it ahead of time. like for myself I waited 3 months after my daughter was born before naming her and the reason why is because she was touch and go for along time and we didn't know if she was going to live or not that's why we waited.
Reply:You are oh so, so right
Reply:Get yourself a gold star and go sit at the front of the class!

(I named my son Robert... so he could be Bobby when tiny and Bob when a man - he never got either, he's always been Rob.)
Reply:What about Fergawdsake Imafluffypet?

Seriously though my Uncle is call Wayne King! can you believe that?

He re-named himself Eddie to spare his blushes at work though, bloody hell, what must my Grandad have been thinking?
Reply:John Thomas

Ivor Biggen

Orson Cart

Topsy Turvey

Dicky Bird

Robert Soles (R.Soles)

William Anker (W.Anker)
Reply:Here here!!!!
Reply:I agree. Some of those names out there i wouldn't give to a hamster!
Reply:A lot of truth in this, and don't forget the clash of given name and surname.

There was a girl called Emma Royd who got the nickname 'pile' throughout her schooldays. And a guy called Howard heggs who went through his whole life being called Hard eggs.
Reply:ya know.this is your opinion. the world is full of opinions. It is wise to not be upset with what other people do or think,as it isnt any of one's business.I found that out the hard way.Consider the fact that the name one has chosen for their child is becuz they love the name and their child.
Reply:i think its up to them and no one else buisness!! and its even more funny if people are even botherd about it! how sad worry about your own! lol
Reply:People think these names are "cute" and "trendy".

They are both until the child reaches the age of 5. They go to school, no one can pronounce/spell it and they are mocked.
Reply:I agree in theory but can only assume people believe their child will be judged on his capabilities as an adult, not on a preconceived basis due to a "fluffy" name, More than likely, those business people with "F. James Robertson" are hiding the "fluff" behind an initial. To some extent though, even more mainstream names can have negative associations to other people, so this dilelma will never be completely avoided. I cannot abide the name Keith, due to a person I knew in the past. Keith is not a fluffy pet name, but I'd have to make a conscious decision to try not to unfairly judge a Keith, due to his name, and unconsciously it must be the same for others as well.
Reply:Why do you even care? It isn't like the kids name is going to affect your life in any way.
Reply:lmao yeah your right.
Reply:what do you think the chances of someone escaping the curse of an idiotic family and evolving to a businessman, lawyer, judge or doctor are? LOL!!!!

I haven't met a professional person with a name like Cleetis or Tommie Boo Junior :)
Reply:i dont really think its any of ur business, what difference does it make to u

xx :-| xx
Reply:my baby likes tv
Reply:Yep I agree with you, its a good job you can change your name by deed poll!

Why do Americans use a more conservative approach to baby names?

The majority of people on YA seem to be American (a lot of answers contain info about the country they are from) and I have noticed they seem to prefer more conservative names compared to Aussies. We seem to use a lot more unusual and imaginative names here. I always thought that would be the opposite. Why do you think this is so?

Why do Americans use a more conservative approach to baby names?
I have noticed that more unusual names are not taken to very well on here. I am in the U.S. and I like more unusual names....but like you said "get a lot of flack about it"

These are names we considered for our next child:

Girls -

Salem Kaine ( this is what we are naming our daughter)

Rellah Marie

Ellery Sinclaire

Merritt Rome

Larken Selene

Sora Masen

Arwen Patrice

Callista Paige

Jensen Ivy

Kyree Myleese

Boys -

Saxon Ridge (name we had chosen if we had a boy)

Bishop Caine

Lincoln Reid

Grant Lawson

Lawson Gaige

Elliot Pierce

Perry Jameson

Foster Mathis

Roman Bennett

Laiken Reid

Tucker Carson

Some people really like them...but very few....most people do not like them at all and I get the "they have to live with this name their whole life" speech.....Sorry, but it's not like I am naming my daughter Cloud!! lol

= )
Reply:I am liberal with my politics and conservative with names. I come from the African American community here in the US and I have seen my share of made up, 'creative' names to last me a lifetime. I have a very conservative name and I am so glad! I have friends and family that constantly have to spell their name out and is constantly asked how to pronounce it. And then there is the names that you have to wonder what the heck was their parents thinking about. Now with the trend of naming girls obvious boys names, I am questioning my own sanity.
Reply:Some people like to use family names that have significance to them. Other people like to 'creatively spell' a more common name: for example, they might spell Caitlin like Kaytlynne or something. Personally, I don't like these and don't think it's all that creative, just hard to spell. Other people like uncommon, but actual names, I don't think you can make assumptions about a country so large as America and Australia though. Certain people just have their preferences.
Reply:i don't think we are conservative at all.

i love unique names, they just have to be legit.

how can someone like a name like Maddesynn? i have seen that on here, from the US. and i dont find that conservative at all.

EDIT: well, actually, it really and truly depends on the person. the top names of australia right now are normal names. the top names in the US are normal and ordinary names. some aussies are imaginative and some americans are imaginative. it really depends on the person. it's not a matter of Americans vs. Aussies.
Reply:I am Australian and find a great variation here of names, from conservative, to way out there strange, to sensible and sweet. I have 3 girls, they all have sensible names, but not boring names. Well I don't think there boring. I think everywhere in every land has a good mix of everything... Hope that makes some sense.
Reply:I am not sure what the answer to that is, but I agree with your observation.

I'm looking to use a slavic (Russian, Ukrainian) name for our future kids and when I ask peoples opinions they often say that they are too much, or a mouthfull or strange.

I'm American, and I do not like normal names, they are boring and not everyone wants to have Michael #5 in mrs. swansons class! ;)
Reply:I agree with the first answer.

Honestly, I think American's go for horrible names a lot of the time. 9I can't stand you know, "Hannah Marie, Peyton Jayde" etc.


I'm an Aussie, living in NYC.

My name is Anya Cate. My daughter is Arizona.

:D I grew up around friends with good names as well. hah.

I don't know, i think we are more imaginative, but they go for different, but just so typical names: Jayden, Kayden, Leiden.. etc.
Reply:Yahoo Answers isn't the best place to find a consensus. Americans can be just as creative with names. Australians can just be as conservative with names.
Reply:Well, I don't know about conservative, but almost all the kids in any given generation tend to have the same sounding names, and you hear a lot of repeats.

Americans like certain sounds, and all the children conform to the same sounding names.

Jennifer was popular when I was a kid, and subsequently we had: Jenna, Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jemma, and Ginny.

Parents these days like Aiden, so now we've got: Aiden, Braiden, Kaiden, Jaiden; and 100 other names that are two syllables and end in an -en sound.

Americans like to think they're unique if they spell a kids name wrong or take two popular names and smush them together. Now there's a trend of taking tired, boring, masculine, white-person last names (Anderson, Madison, Edison, Carson) and giving them to little girls, which is just sad.

Another thing that could be contributing to this conservative baby naming that you see is that there's been a huge surge in Evangelism the last decade over here; parents are choosing Biblical names more and more. Even the ugliest ones. I saw the cutest little boy at the park the other day, and imagine my horror when his mother called out for, "Havilah."

What are some cute baby girl names??? I am thinking about-Aly, Ella, or Gracie...any suggestions???

I like the middle name Deliah also

What are some cute baby girl names??? I am thinking about-Aly, Ella, or Gracie...any suggestions???
Ella would be great! Though if you use it, I'd avoid using Delilah as a middle name, it just rhymes too much. Maybe you could go with Elinor or something like that, Elinor Delilah sound beautiful and you could use Ella as a nickname.

Aly is also really pretty, but sounds too informal as a given name. Alyson (or Alison), Alix / Alice, Alyssa etc would be awesome as a more formal first name. Alix Delilah sounds great.

Gracie, again, is a bit too casual. Grace would work better, just to save her trouble in the future when she's an adult.

Other suggestions: Ruby, Penelope, Eloise, Asa, Juniper, Kate, Kit, Evan, Tegan, Isadora, Annabel, Matilda, Arabella (Abby), Briony, Emmeline, Zoe, Cassidy, Violet, Beatrix / Beatrice, Adeline, Adelaide, Adela, Samaire, Sophie, etc. is a great place to go for more, based on names you already like.

Good luck!!
Reply:what with all the old names you young moms are picking these days. every girl wants a cool name not a name that sound like your calling your grandma. my daughters names are Karen Raye, Amanda Faith, Ashley Victoria, Valencia Shaylynn, and Adrianna Louise. there all grown now but Karen and Adrianna have always complained because they think there names are so plan and old fashion sounding and there sisters got the cool names.
Reply:Gracie and Ally are adorable!

Maybe Gracie Allison _______ (what ever your last name is)

Avery Deliah
Reply:Ella Andrea

Grace Alexandra

Victoria Caroline

Delilah Jennifer

Josephine Ashley

Maria Grace

Sarah Melanie

Venus Sandra

Carla Madison

Brianna Patricia

Demi Karen

Farah Maria

Sahara Lynn

Noella Jean

i like that name =]
Reply:i think jamie is a cute name
Reply:i LOVE the name Ella. its my cousins name, and its sooo cute. but i dont like Delilah as a middle name for that. My cousin is Ella Isadora which i think is adorable, but some other middle name choices are;;

Ella Clarisse

Ella Danielle

Ella Irena

Ella Irene

Ella Jenine
Reply:I like Isabella and Amelia. (On the Social Security website you can search names. It can also tell you what the most popular names were for every year.)
Reply:I liked Ella here!
Reply:Lexie -
Reply:The problem with 'cute' sounding names is that they won't age with the child. As a grown adult I would cringe if I had to introduce myself as Gracie or Aly, they're far too cutesy and childish

Grace Delilah (Deliah looks like it should be said "de-liar") with the nickname Gracie would be beautiful. If you're set on Aly and Gracie as full names, I would choose the more mature sounding Ella.
Reply:I like



Angela (Angie)


Margaret (Margie)

Reply:Delilah is soooo pretty. Sooo. Gracie Delilah.... It has a ring!
Reply:I like Gracie May, or Haven Leighann, Chantel, Dasie mae, Seirriah,
Reply:Katey , girl you and me like the same names. Other suggestions are Halle pro Hal -lee, Lana, or Jenna - Happy Easter
Reply:Lycinda Grace

Agnes Marilla

Alzie Amine

Laurel Gene

Vera Beatrice

Mary Ella

Laura Alice

Elvie Lucille

Urma Dean

Sandra Ann

Linda Kay

Kymberlie Kayann

Cynthia Leann






I do like Aly, Ella, and Gracie but not with Deliah. The flow just isnt there.
Reply:I like Ella.
Reply:I love the names Ella and Grace (Gracie as a nickname).

Other cute baby girls names I like are:











Reply:I like Ella.

Some other names.

Courtney Joelle

Deanna Sharon

Holly Brynn

Hallie Destiny

Rosalyn Britney

Ansley summer

Ella Madison

Faith Delilah

Hannah Aylin

Kiara Brooke
Reply:Definitely choose the adult versions of any of these names. Allison or Alexandra (my daughter's name) so that you can shorten it to Aly. Eleanor or Elaine or Ellen (yuck) could be nicknamed Ella. Grace can always be nicknamed Gracie but it's tough to tell people that your real name is Gracie but you want to be called Grace. I named one of my daughters Brittany (she's now 25) and named my younger daughter Alexandra (now 22). We call her Alex, but sometimes she goes by Ally or Al. I know another Alexandra who is nicknamed Sandy. Although I love the name Brittany (it was not common in 1983 and it was before Britney Spears the hoe) her only nickname is Britt. Her sister has more options to choose her own nickname. I just think it gives your child a chance to name herself depending on what version SHE likes.
Reply:i like Aly
Reply:i like teagan . micheila
Reply:Ella is a great name.

I'm a big fan of the name Melody which is a cute baby girl name.
Reply:Alexus May

pitcher plant

I think we've finally came up with our Baby Names. How can I spell this one?

Hi.. I am due on January 19th of 09'!!

We won't know what we are having until August 14th (if bub cooperates) :)

But what do you think of the names we have so far

Boy: Shayde(n) Ezra Runyon (Ezra is a family name and we haven't picked between Shayde and Shayden yet)

Gril: Kaija Reigne Runyon

We are having trouble with spelling Kaija... Nothing looks good when we write it down...

It is supposed to be pronounced K-Asia

Like Asia with a K in front of it...

So what do you think and can you help us with some different forms of spelling...

I think we've finally came up with our Baby Names. How can I spell this one?

is a brilliant name for a boy




look and sound perfect

Keisia Reigne (Rayne)


Shayden Ezra

are beautiful names

Reply:I just found this.

It's so weird because my name is Kayzia (like Asia with a K in front, that's actually how I explain how to pronounce my name to people).

It's also sort of peculiar because my little brothers' name is Ezra.

I just thought that was a little funny. Report Abuse

Reply:I don't like Kaija i thought it was (kah-jah) or (ki-jah)

Kasia (what about asia with a K....i think it looks good and it's easy to pronounce.)



Kaesia (i like this one....)










Kaysia (/i like this one too)

Kayjia (ew)


Kaisia (this is pretty....)







as for the boy I like Shayden better because it sounds better altogether.....and the other one is just too much like 'shade'..... also if you go with Shayden you can call him Shayde or Shay.....

good luck and best wishes. God bless.
Reply:Everones doing all the -ayden And everything rhyming with (aiden cayden hayden etc..........) But I think Shayde Is really nice. It has a masculine tone when thinking of a boy. And it also seems to have an aire of beautifulness to consider it for a girl As well!!

(i'm sorry i didn't care for the girls name you put up)
Reply:Have to agree with red lipstick

When i saw the name i thought it was "kar jah"

I like Kasia, very pretty name

Could spell it Kaysia, which i think looks good or Kaysha



Im guessing Runyon is their SURNAME.......DUH!!
Reply:okay, here are my favorites in order.


Shayden! (i'd change it to Shane!)

Ezra (i dont really even like it!)



Reigne (Spelled Rayne or Raine)

Kaija (that's realy pretty)


hope i helpedd :)
Reply:I like Shayden Ezra Runyon.....only that Ezra is more sounding as a girls name, but it flows good!

Kaija....well i think that spelling is nice but here are others
















Any of those catch your eye????

Beautiful girl name :)
Reply:I would spell it like it sounds because I thought it was Kay-ja before you spelled it like you are going to pronounce it, she will have a horrible time if you spell it like that.
Reply:Shay Ezra Runyon (Shayde just sounds weird and Shayden seems feminine).

Kasia Reigne Runyon will be the easiest to spell and to pronounce.



Reply:I like Shayden better than Shayde..

As for the girl, why not spell it like Asia with a K - just like it's pronounced? Kasia.
Reply:I like Shayden, and you could try spelling the girl's name like this:



?? Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide!
Reply:Do you mean - kaiya? im not sure but that is my neice' name and she is soo adorable!!!! its pronounce like guy with a k instead than ahh....kaiya

I like Shayden better than just Shayde.
Reply:thats my sisters name! She spells it Kaysha
Reply:I prefer Shayde... and I love Ezra!

As for Kaija... it doesn't look right to me... and it kind of reminds me of Kujo. What about Caysia? Or Kaysia?
Reply:Kaija Reigne? I have no idea how that is even supposed to be pronounced. Looks like it might be Kia Renee? If that is the case that is how you should spell it.

Shayde sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons character. Are you going to give him a staff and a cloak so that he can go on a quest?

Edited to add: K-Asia? WTF? Just spell it Kasia then. She sounds like a Dungeons and Dragons character, too. Kasia the Ranger!

Edited to add again: Oh, I read the whole question. You said you were going to call him Shayde for short, anyway. You can have all of the reasons you want for the name, it doesn't change the fact that is sounds ridiculous. Have fun with that.
Reply:One thing to keep in mind is that your child will

be using this name for a lifetime and giving it

to people to write down thousands of times.

If it is an unusual name, as your choices are,

then the spelling should be as phonetic as possible,

because that will reduce the numbers of times it

gets messed up.

What I would do is ask people how THEY would spell

"Kasia" (when you say it - not online), and go with

the most common first guess. It wouldn't hurt to do

this over the phone, because that is not the same as

in person and will have to be done many times.

You might end up with something like Kaysha, Kaisha,

or Keisha (like Geisha - which itself will probably appear

many times during the child's life).

Also do the reverse test: give someone the written name

and ask them to say it. If it's a more phonetic spelling

people won't have to guess how to pronounce it.

Note the comments here on how people put different

pronunciations on some of the spellings.

With the middle name it's less important, but, for

example, Reigne has no obvious pronunciation.

"Rain", "Renya" ... who knows ?


Im 14...NOT PREGNANT i was just thinking of baby names....?

Okay i have always liked the name Layla Elizabeth...what do yall think?

Im 14...NOT PREGNANT i was just thinking of baby names....?
I dunno what's up with those people saying "oh why are you so concerned about baby names?" sheesh...and I LOVE that name!!
Reply:Layla sounds like a name that will get picked on by the time she gets into middle school and/or high school. I can see it now: LAY-la likes to get laid, she's an easy lay, she's willing to lay all the guys... sounds a bit slutty. Just being honest. It would be a nice name except for the fact that kids will make fun of it.
Reply:You aren't alone, I've been thinking of babynames since I was a child, didn't have my first until i was in my 20's. :)

I'm not sure how I feel about Layla.. too many L sounds or something. I do like Elizabeth. :)
Reply:its a lovely long as elizabeth is a middle name rather than a really long first name...

just remember it has to go with the surname! even though you have less than two years before you can do all that above board!

have fun!
Reply:That is so odd my niece was going to name her baby girl (she had twins, boy %26amp; girl) Layla Faith, but instead decided to name her Faith Elizabeth. We are from Louisiana. Kind of odd I though, the coincidence I mean.

Reply:well hopefully you really arent pregnant..but either way..its a nice name i like it..but its suspicious that you only mentioned a girls name..lemme ARE actually pregnant and you got the ultrasound..and found out it was a girl? *sigh*
Reply:Layla is very pretty...Elizabeth is too common.

Layla Bliss

Layla Lise

Layla Annette

Layla Celeste

Layla Selene

Layla Sophia

Layla Amelie

Layla Vivianne
Reply:I love the name elizabeth, but layla...sounds like a star wars name, but kayla is pretty. My favorite name is Isabella Sophia.
Reply:Layla is arabic for "Night Beauty"

For a Boy i like Alexander

And For a Girl i like Lily
Reply:You shouldn't be concerned about baby names this early.
Reply:It's nice.

You shouldnt be thinking of baby names it might make you want to turn into one of the Pregnancy Pact Juno Freaks
Reply:Layla is cute, but I think Elizabeth is a little boring.
Reply:Don't like Layla and Elizabeth is too common.
Reply:well is ok but why hell u thinking off babies names at ur age, u should be worrying about spots ect not this kind off thing, but hey ur choice lol
Reply:Layla Elizabeth is pretty! I don't like Bryce though.






Reply:Very pretty name.
Reply:shes pregnant
Reply:You are too young to be concerning yourself with this? And why are you acting so defensive? hmmmmm?
Reply:That's a nice name.

Reply:You must be realy bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Reply:Leggo My Preggo
Reply:eh its ok

your from texas
Reply:u must have nothing to do to think bout names
Reply:that is ok but i like the name Madelyn or even Lilly
Reply:go on and type baby names.
Reply:y r u looking 4 bby names??? weird..........

Does anyone else agree with me? Its about strange baby names?

People get so caught up trying to think of a 'baby name' that they forget that this baby is still going to have that name when they are a child.. and a teenager.. and an adult who could have a very respectable job.

So why call your child something really strange and/or have a really weird spelling. I just think it is a bit unfair.

What prompted this question was when today I encountered a lovely woman by the name of Baby. She told me her parents thought it was really cute for a baby to be called Baby.. but she has been living with the consequences ever since.

But I am happy to hear the other side of the story if you disagree with me.

Does anyone else agree with me? Its about strange baby names?
i know!

isn't that sad?

i mean, that poor woman, at a party or a bar one day, someone would come upto her, introduce themselves, ask her name. and when she says 'Baby', they'd think she was a hooker!

there are some downright mean names i think.

you're dead right about people forgetting their baby won't be a baby forever.

it's so easily possible to name you're child a unique' or 'unusual' name without it sounding downright strange.
Reply:Absolutely! You are preaching to the choir. Those names drives me nutty. I don't think a way to prove YOUR individuality is to give your kid a goofy name.

What about all those given hippy names in the '60's? How many Sunshines and Moonbeams went on to become corporate attorneys without changing their names?

You gotta wonder the same about all the Dakotaah and Shandaliqua's out there, too.
Reply:I agree unique names are okay but think before you name the kid and dont think about you think about the kid
Reply:Omg i Jayden..and Brylee or whatever...very babyish names that most people use. I like really strong names lucky for me :)
Reply:Yes, I agree! Hollywood sets a horrible example, too, with all their weird names.

I just wish people knew that they were hurting their child's chances at things like job interviews when they give them weird names.
Reply:I agree. Some people just have no common sense, I went to school with a girl named Velvita, her mom thought it was pretty? The ones I really hate are the 'unique' spelling ones like Jaymz instead of James, Mayreeh instead of Mary, etc. It doesn't really look unique, it just looks like the parents are illiterate.

And it does actually make a difference in life though I'm not sure many people are aware of it? People with weird/unique names do worse in school and future career/income just because of their names alone. They've done studies and taken out factors like economics, home life, etc and just based on the name those children are worse off than children with more standard or properly spelled names.
Reply:I like uncommon names. But there is a fine line between uncommon names and crazy off the wall names. The name baby is definitely crossing the line.
Reply:I very much agree with you we talk about that all the time at work. I work at hospital where we do quite a bit of kids and some of the names we see are nuts. Like Bilarae supposibly pronouce billy ray or yeah the T-a this that makes me laugh somebody was talking about that last week. Try the names out honey or hemi. I think people are forgetting that these names have to be used one day for adult names.
Reply:I went to school with a Zebra not said like the animal but like Zebulon I also had a neighbor girl named Pebbles And April Mae boy did she get teased
Reply:I like uncommon names but not crazy names.I like uncommon names with a beautiful meanings but not stupid names.
Reply:i agree with u my mom was going to name me bristal-jodell just as the first name i just dont understand parents what name there kids aweful names i mean i love my name but its SPELLED wrong so people say my name wrong all the time it just got so bad when i was in high school everyone in my class would yell my name to the teachers just so that they wouldnt call me my name wrong everyone was annoyed from it and i still deal with it
Reply:uncommon can be cute. But That is CRAZY! It's a human being not a toy, or a dog whose name can be easily changed. I mean the kid is already goin to hate you on principle when they hit there teenage years. Why give them another reason to yell at you???
Reply:Okay Baby...Really? That is terrible! However I LOVE different names. My theory is this...In a world with so many people it is nice to have something a little different than everyone else. Instead of Sarah or Jennifer, which are everywhere. No offense to those names btw! I think there is a fine line though for sure!! I have definitely seen a couple that I am a little thrown off by, but really for the most part I think it's great. You probably wouldn't like my youngest sons name....Atticus, we love it though and it just fits him!! His middle name is simply Charles after his Grandfather, and I think he will love it just fine. If not he can go by his middle name or get it changed if he hates it that bad. My name is Stephanie....So booooring, I wish I had a more unique name. Anyway, that is pretty much my case! I am sure alot of people will agree with you though...It's just not crossing that line of absolutely out there names.
Reply:I have seen some of the DUMBEST names picked out for people. I even knew a girl who's name was Chlamydia! I mean seriously, who names their child after an STD just because the mom thought it sounded cute!

When my first daughter was born we had a short list of names already picked out. The funny thing is when we first looked at her she kind of picked her own name which wasn't even on our list. She just looked like her name belonged to her. and no it wasn't Gonorrhea, Palmolive, Tylenol, or any name beginning with a SH (Shanita, Shawana, Shalalei etc.)
Reply:Most people have no problems getting a job because of their name. In some cases it actually helps during an interview because its something to talk about. I worked with a girl named Heavenly and she never had a problem
Reply:i agree with you.

you can still give your baby a different name that still sounds nice but some people just take it WAY too far and it sounds stupid
Reply:i love weird names! lol lots of my bffs names r kinda weird! lol like Zeta Nyx, Vella, Nalani, Murphy and like wayyyy more! i think kids and teens and even adults need 2 b unique and stnad out from all the Jamies and Morgans!
Reply:It's white trash... or if it's not, it sounds like it is.
Reply:I agree, there is a girl at my school named T_a and that's how you really spell her name its pronounced Tadasha but spelled T_a.
Reply:Theirs weird names and theirs unique names I don't really like all the repeated names everybody has.
Reply:I really hate when people take common names and misspell them to "make them more unique". Hello, all that is going to do is frustrate your child's life when he/she has to spell their name for everyone. When said out loud, it's going to sound exactly the same.

I knew a girl named Jennifer... Except it was spelled Genniphyr. She hated having to spell it for everyone, and in the end when the teacher called out her name she still couldn't tell which of the three Jennifers the teacher was referring to. It didn't help her at all.

Please, parents- If you want a unique or uncommon name, choose an ACTUAL unique or uncommon name. Taking a common name then screwing with the spelling does not make the name anymore unique.

(And I'm not encouraging parents to go out and name their kids stuff like Moon Unit and Dweezil, either)
Reply:I have heard of a La-a (Ladasha)...

I agree with you! For the most part, full names that end in Y don't always work for the entire life. There are certain names that I simply can not picture professionally..


- Marleigh


My favorite name is Sara.
Reply:It isnt unfair. If someone likes a name no one should tell them otherwise.!!!

What is the Nice names for the baby?

Hi Im Ligaya,

My friend asked me if i can come up with nice names for a baby girl,

Is Eloisa Marie or Eloisa May is a cute names? which one is better?

I really appreciate your answer thanks

What is the Nice names for the baby?
I like Elosia May. Elosia is a beautiful name.
Reply:honestly they sound like names from a along time ago! old people names!! marie is fine but the others just dont cut it!! sorry!!
Reply:i luv the name morgan and jason!
Reply:If they insist on the name Eloisa , Mae seems more fitting.
Reply:I like Eloisa May, but i think really pretty Name's are Ela Louise, Caitlyn May, Libby Marie, Lexie Leigh, Madison rose, Lily Mae, Olivia Cait, Lily Cait,Amelie Leigh.
Reply:I don't really like the name Eloisa, but I like the last name May best, especially if the baby will be born in that month.
Reply:They are horrible !

How on earth do you pronounce them !

She won't thank you for either of them when older believe me !!
Reply:I prefer Eloisa May.
Reply:Eloisa May is better. But i liked JaeLynn Jade for a girl.
Reply:I like Eloisa May to be honest
Reply:I perfer Eloisa Marie
Reply:I like the name but Eloise may it sounds cute . my mom and sisterlaw like it too.

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